Data Protection

The rising costs and increased media coverage of data breaches and the continued escalation of threats facing organizations has led to information security, particularly data protection, being discussed at the highest level. Boards and audit committees are expecting their information security functions to proactively report on the capabilities, maturity and effectiveness of their data protection activities. ​

Whether an organization’s business risk relates to the protection of customer data, proprietary information or intellectual property, implementing technology addresses only part of the solution designed to prevent, detect and respond to data loss events. Technology implementations can be costly, and many organizations complain they have not seen the value of data protection tools demonstrated after implementation. Too often, information security functions struggle to make effective use of data protection tools, and expensive products turn to shelf-ware. ​

Enabling the data protection program with an effective structure is an important step in making sure the right stakeholders are engaged in a productive way. Organizations should develop a top-down strategy and approach, which involves working with relevant departments such as the legal, compliance, internal audit and privacy functions to determine which types of data need to be protected. Workshops with key stakeholders in each relevant part of the business can be used to gain consensus and develop a prioritized strategy for protecting sensitive data. Engaging the right level of stakeholders within the business units is critical, and it is imperative that consistent guidance, training and enablers be provided to the business​

AbiraSec Data Protection Services address pervasive security challenges when it comes to Data Protection.  With many regulations we help companies to create an end to end strategy that will allow them to comply with global privacy laws as well as shield them from losses of their critical digital assets.  Our comprehensive methodology covers the entire spectrum from data hygiene to technology solutions.

Data Protection Services Include:

  • Strategy Creation/Assessment/Optimization
  • A centralized governance and technology model
  • A global program framework (policies, procedures and guidelines)
  • Data discovery, identification and classification
  • Data risk and organizational maturity
  • Oversight and enforcement
  • Centralized event triage and response
  • Awareness and education
  • End to End Managed Service
  • Duration: Flexible
  • Project Specific
  • Prevent data loss and business downtime
  • Protect your data to comply with regulations
  • Minimize risk exposure
  • Data Classification
  • Policies
  • Data Protection Strategy & Roadmap
  • Comprehensive risk report
  • Security and Risk Awareness Collateral

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