Penetration Testing

Continuous Penetration Testing, also known as continuous security testing is an approach to security testing that involves regularly testing an organization’s systems and applications for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Rather than performing security testing on an ad hoc or occasional basis, continuous penetration testing involves integrating security testing into an organization’s ongoing software development and deployment processes.

Here are some of the key benefits
of continuous penetration testing:

Abira Security Continuous Penetration Testing Managed Service helps customers to adopt Continuous Penetration Testing effectively. By using Abira’s service, customers can improve their overall security posture, reduce their risk of breaches, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Early detection of vulnerabilities

By regularly testing systems and applications for vulnerabilities, Continuous Penetration Testing can help identify security issues early in the development process before they can be exploited by attackers.

Improved risk management

Continuous model helps organizations better understand their overall security posture and identify areas of high risk, allowing them to prioritize their security efforts more effectively.

Real-time threat response

Continuous Penetration Testing can help organizations detect and respond to threats in real-time, enabling them to minimize the impact of attacks and prevent them from escalating into full-scale breaches.

Compliance and regulatory requirements

Many industry regulations and standards require organizations to perform regular security testing, and Continuous Penetration Testing can help organizations meet these requirements more effectively.

Cost savings

By integrating security testing into the software development process, Continuous Penetration Testing can help organizations identify and resolve vulnerabilities more efficiently, reducing the costs associated with fixing security issues later in the development cycle or after deployment.

Elevating Security

Here are the beneftis customers gain from using Abira Security Continuous Penetration Testing Managed Service:

Comprehensive testing coverage

Abira Security provides comprehensive testing coverage across an organization’s entire technology infrastructure, including web applications, mobile applications, cloud systems, network devices, and endpoints, physical devices.

Combination of Manual and Automated testing expertise

Out team combines manual testing expertise done by experienced security professionals who can identify and exploit vulnerabilities that automated tools may miss and automated scanning tools that can quickly and accurately identify vulnerabilities across all devices and systems to provide faster and more accurate results.

Flexible testing frequency

Abira’s service is flexible enough to accommodate different testing frequencies, based on an organization’s specific security requirements and risk tolerance.

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