Cuber Security Retainer

Cyber Security Retainer

Abira Security will offer a broad range of cyber security services and products against our Cyber Security Retainer (‘CSR’), providing strategic and tactical leadership and turn-key cyber security solutions and support.

Trusted Advisor
Top Quality
Unlimited Capacity
Best Customer Experience
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oriented retainer
Customer challenges
IR Retainer Cyber Security Insurance Requirement
Limited services portfolio to choose from, spend
money on services we don’t need
One rate for all services – we paid $500/hr for a penetration testing
Long lead times – 4-6 weeks to get engaged if an incident didn’t happen
Managing multiple budgets does not result in bulk savings
There is no opportunity to allocate funds for purchasing products.
High Rates - $450/hr-$800/hr
“Use it or lose it model” – 12 months is not enough
Our response
Bulk Savings
The most comprehensive services and product portfolio to choose from
Lower rates – save even more with Abira and get more done
Per service rate adjustment – DO NOT pay $500/hr for a penetration test
Flexible lead times – don’t wait 4-6 weeks to complete your project
Lock in rates and resources to fight inflation and uncertainty / roll over funds
Incident Response Retainer Included – partnership with the most insurance (AIG, Chubb, Beazley) recognized IR Retainer providers
What’s included?

Abira Retainer offers much broader set of services and allows you to use funds towards cyber security solutions or simply roll over your funds for another 12 months.

Our Core Services:

  • Offensive Security
  • Advisory Services
  • Cloud Security
  • Microsoft Security
  • Strategic Consulting

Abira Security offers the rate card as one of the primary benefits of the Cyber Security Retainer offering. The average project savings depends on the size and complexity of your environment.

The following services are offered as a value-add and do not require any additional purchase or scoping:


  • Quarterly Business Meetings
  • Service Retainer Onboarding
  • Cyber Security Solution Architect
  • Incident Response Retainer
Flexible Retainer Fee

Ultimate flexibility in using the pre paid funds

Partners / Providers

Palo Alto Unit 42, Ankura, Arete, Charles River Associates

Free MSA

Response targets–Best effort for initial scoping and on-site response (if needed)

Response targets

Best effort for initial scoping and on-site response (if needed)

How it works?
Preparation and Scope Definition
Service Retainer Onboarding

The onboarding assessment allows Abira Security to get to know your team, technologies, and business before an active engagement occurs. Consistency is key to the overall quality and standards you have come to expect with our services.
The onboarding assessment includes the following onboarding information to assist with the services as outlined below. The initial assessment captures key data points about the customers’ environment, ensuring a quick yet practical response to requests for assistance.

Meet your 'named' team of cyber security expert
Establish communication paths
Determine sensitive data handling procedures
Execution of Objectives

While the objective section is unique to each type of engagement, the methodology for an assessment includes the interviewing of stakeholders. The interviews conducted by Abira Security consist of 30-45 min sessions where each group is asked to provide their business insights into the risks and business impacts around the data held by the Customer.

Review & Reporting

Abira Security will conduct a review of the Cyber Security Services Retainer interviews, provide documentation, and capture notes. Upon review and analysis, Abira Security issues a draft report of the final report for review and acceptance by CUSTOMER . After acceptance, the final reports are delivered via secure electronic transfer.

Deliverable: Abira Security provides a final assessment presentation to customer representatives and executives, highlighting the overall engagement outcomes in a format agreed with the client. The presentation includes a summary of the deliverables of each phase with final recommendations on gaps, risks, recommendations, and any other relevant actions coupled with an executive summary.

Celebrated Partnerships and Achievements

We have our global network of trusted partners on a mission to provide the best possible services to our clients. Abira is able to collaborate effectively with other industry leaders to achieve this goal.


We share experience with leaders, offering deep knowledge and experience in the field of cybersecurity. Their experience can complement ours, resulting in more comprehensive and efficient customer solutions.

Highly Rated by Customers

“They exceeded all of my expectations — everything was easy and great.”

See what a practitioner-first
approach to SecOps
can do for you.

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