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HIPAA Assessment - Healthcare SaaS

HIPAA Assessment - Healthcare SaaS

Overview :

Professional services organization primarily operating in the life sciences and transportation sectors, with emerging business in the finance and retail sectors. The customer specializes in data analytics and employs big data techniques to analyze client contracts and identify non-labor cost savings.  


The customer’s primary product offerings are cost saving recommendations produced by analyzing large data sets against norms or like companies and identifying deltas. A majority of the customer’s revenue comes from flat fee, percentage, incentive based, contracts. Most of these contracts are reoccurring.  

They humanize data by translating numbers into actionable insights, helping their clients make better decisions and working by their side to foster change with confidence, empathy and purpose.”  


By working with hundreds of companies and organizations across various industries the customer’s priority was its customers ‘data.  As a part of its commitment the customer performs an annual HIPAA and security GAP analysis assessment to ensure the highest protection.  Previous assessment providers would leave the customer’s team with complex not prioritized reports and high internal overhead.  The customer was looking for a trusted partner that not only can identify and outline the gaps but also assist with the roadmap to address constantly changing security threats.   

Abira Security Approach: 

Abira Security Advisory Group: 

  • Conducted comprehensive HIPAA workshop 
  • Assessed business technology, processes, personnel and overall program maturity  
  • Created an actionable report with prioritized steps to close existing gaps and enhance current certain policies and processes 
  • Proposed prioritized remediation plan involving other AbiraSec service groups  


Actionable report with the plan that allowed the customer to meet compliance requirements and enhance their data protection  

Prioritized plan to assist with remediation  

Key challenges – previous HIPAA Complex Report outcomes     

Key business benefits – 17% cost reduction, actionable report and detailed future roadmap    


Abira Security Advisory Services  


  • HIPAA compliance  
  • Cost reduction  
  • Decreased burden on internal personnel  

Customer Quote:  

Abira Security not only helped us to stay compliant with HIPAA, but also decreased operational overhead by providing the straightforward actionable plan.  We also were able to decrease our cost from previous providers and received more for our buck!”   

Looking Ahead:  

For the customer, its commitment to increase client profitability while improving the capabilities of its clients’ people. The customer believes that any organization can succeed by enriching and empowering its people.  Abira Security constantly monitors the risk landscape and continues to evolve with new threat actors and tactics.  Partnering with Abira Security to proactively understand any security gaps and close them to meet the ever changing new standards is critical to the company’s success.  

About Abira Security: 

Abira Security is a market leading provider of comprehensive cyber security solutions.  Abira Security was founded to address current market challenges and secure organizations of all sizes across industries and locations.  Abira Security combines its portfolio of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, security analytics, human capabilities and real-world proven expertise in cyber security strategy to help clients achieve their business outcomes and gain a competitive advantage in their markets.  

What makes us unique is our organizational scale and structure, technological and human expertise and unparalleled 24/7 customer support delivered through the most cost-efficient model in the market.