Threat Analysis

With technology growing at exponential rates security teams often struggle with traditional vulnerability management methods of combing thru thousands, often millions of identified vulnerabilities that actually put an organization at risk. Oftentimes, vulnerability information is presented in technical terms such as servers and IP addresses, which is not a meaningful format for business application owners. Legacy approach doesn’t take into consideration all factors that influence vulnerability risk. This results in security teams spending time and resources on manual analysis or merely guesswork.

Abira’s focused intelligent threat assessment approach allows IT management teams map most relevant, critical vulnerabilities to their business application, the information one can effectively prioritize and remediate risk across organization based on its criticality and impact on business. Abira changes vulnerability management from an exercise of trying to patch “everything all the time” to targeted, smart actions that considers real threats and exposure. Using these techniques Abira empowers the IT team to target action where it matters most and be proactive against the threats of ransomware, malware, exploit kits and targeted attacks.

Abira prioritizes vulnerabilities the smart way, putting imminent threats at the top of to–do list.

Threat Modeling Services Include:


Review existing security policies, identify IT assets, Understand threats and vulnerabilities.


Unify data from multiple sources, prioritize based on risk and exposure levels.


Detect an adversary, eliminate an adversary from your network, increase security efficacy to make sure an advisory doesn’t get back in.


Review company’s approach and technology to protecting its critical digital assets, communicate with management about the types of cyber risk, review company’s response plan, assess internal and external risks

  • Duration: Project specific
  • Full Environment
  • Prevent data loss and business downtime

  • Protect your data to comply with regulations

  • Minimize risk exposure

  • Reduce time to detection and response

  • Comprehensive risk report

  • Actionable plan

  • Turnkey roadmap

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