Network Security

Our global team of certified security experts (CEH, OSCP, CCNP, MCP, CLE) performs real–world attack simulations to test your ability to defend against sophisticated cyber attacks and uncover risks from the perspective of a motivated adversary.  In addition, our Security Assurance Program offering delivers insights into programmatic security issues, including identification of the root cause and guidance on how to address current gaps. We will provide future recommendations based on the attacker mindset to increase your security posture.  Having Abira Security Red Team conduct our Penetration Test will help your organization to test your defenses and uncover security weaknesses from the perspective of an attacker. It will also help to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements specific to your business. Organizations of any type and  in any industry can benefit from Abira Security penetration test services.

Our team will conduct manual verification of exploitable or significant vulnerabilities according to OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) level 1 guidelines and OWASP Top 10 security standards.  Our customized approach supports boutique engagements aligned with specific objectives or technologies.

Penetration Testing Services Include:

  • Compliance specific (PCI, HIPAA, SOC2,3, OWASP) or organization penetration tests (Internal and external)
  • Application penetration tests (Web and Mobile)
  • Wireless penetration tests (WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Social engineering security testing (physical, pretext calling, and phishing)
  • Duration: Flexible
  • Full Environment
  • Identify gaps in your security gaps
  • Reduce risk and meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Customize services to address your specific needs
  • Create an actionable roadmap to maintain required security levels
  • Technical report with detailed findings and executive section

  • Proof of vulnerabilities and bug reproduction instruction for each defect

  • Vulnerabilities ranked by risk level, CWE, CVSS

  • Remediation recommendations and technical references

  • Presentation and demo that outlines key findings

  • Security Auditing Report with Compliance

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