Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response Services

Organizations of all sizes experience an increase in the number of devices and sophistication of their systems and networks to stay competitive in today’s digitally connected world.  With the increase comes a challenge to manage all those devices and not only monitor but proactively hunt to find targeted sophisticated attacks that can slip through massive amounts of cyber alerts provided by your SOC and/or your traditional MSSP.  In addition with the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, finding and retaining this unique skill set of proactive threat hunting and knowledge of sophisticated attacks proves to be even harder. Abira Security Managed Detection and Response team has the expertise and talent you need to protect your organization from any type of adversary.  We are changing the game by helping organizations easily adopt fully managed service to combat complex problems.  We continuously learn, monitor and analyze your environment for any security anomalies. Our combination of automation, human abilities and technology helps our clients to detect, alert and remediate sophisticated targeted attacks faster.

Rely on us for reverse malware engineering and remediation plan, consult on any future improvements to reduce risk, get more interaction with Threat Hunting Security Experts to adjust your defenses.

Don’t have time or resources, we got you covered with our extensive resources and processes.  Don’t compromise the quality or make unnecessary investments to adopt manage detection and response.  We will work with your existing processes and tools to make it easier to adopt and gain competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Managed Detection and Response Services Include:

  • Fully managed threat hunting, detection and response

  • Co-managed threat hunting, detection and response

  • Detection and threat monitoring

  • Incident Response

  • Comprehensive threat investigations

  • Duration: Flexible
  • Full Environment

  • Endpoint

  • SIEM

  • Firewall

  • Protection against targeted sophisticated attacks

  • Mitigated future risk to business

  • Secured assets from internal and external threats

  • Increased awareness across your organization

  • Protected Brand

  • 24/7 continuous threat hunting

  • Avoidance of a mega breach

  • Executive Briefing

  • Cybersecurity Program Roadmap

  • Actionable Plan

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