Expert as a Service

According to recent estimates, there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions in the industry by 2021.

This puts many organizations in a tough spot, as security professionals are hard to attract and retain and it requires a lot of upfront investment in building out your teams of cybersecurity professionals specific to your business needs.  High cost, inflexible contracts and low quality expertise made the market of an expert as a service even tougher for companies to address the shortage. Abira Security Expert as a Service offering fundamentally addresses the challenges of today’s market.  Our methodology encompasses identifying client’s needs, selecting internal resources based on competency and skills, ramping up, optimizing and integrating experts into your environment and transferring the knowledge.

Benefits of Outsourcing Security Engineers

In-house Security Talent

Minimize Operational Costs

Focus on core competencies

Increase Productivity

Boost Competitiveness

Enhance Quality

Improve Time-to-Market

Expert as a Service Includes:

  • Security Analyst
  • Identity and Access Management Analyst
  • Application Security Analyst
  • SOC Analyst
  • Incident Response Analyst
  • Forensics Analyst
  • Compliance and Risk Analyst
  • Vulnerability Analyst
  • Security Prevention Analyst
  • SIEM Analyst
  • vCISO
  • vDPO
  • Duration: Flexible
  • All cybersecurity areas
  • Cost
  • Skilled cybersecurity professionals on demand at any time
  • Flexible contracts
  • Projects completed on time
  • Better security protection and brand loyalty
  • Better compliance
  • Expert on the go

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Completed report

Engineers On Demand

SOC Analysis Tier 1,2,3


SIEM administrator

Incident Response Analyst

Security Researcher

Risk and Vulnerability Manager

Reverse Engineers

Penetration Testers

IT Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Forensic Expert

Information Security Manager (Virtual CISO)

Security Architect

Compliance Architect

Security Software Engineer

Cloud Security Architect – AWS

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