Abira Security Compliance team helps organizations of all sizes to address their internal and external compliance efforts and gain a competitive advantage to make better business decisions.  We help you look into your policies, practices and technology to identify specific compliance gaps and develop a strategy to meet and exceed them to avoid an unexpected penalty. Through our methodology, we can help you create a custom program and strategy to meet regulations and manage risk specific to your business.  You will be able to see where your critical data assets reside and who has access to them. Abira Security help many organizations to reduce risk, maintain brand loyalty and trust.

Compliance Services Include:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Remediation Assistance
  • GDPR Assessment
  • CCPA
  • PCI Compliance
  • GRC Management
  • PCI Data Security Standards (DSS)
  • Duration: Project specific
  • Full Environment
  • GDPR, PCI, PHI, HIPAA, NY Data Security Act and Others

  • Integrate new business strategies to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digitally connected world without risk

  • Improve information security and reduce risk

  • Maintain trust and brand loyalty with your customers

  • Avoid legal and business penalties

  • State of Compliance Executive Report

  • Report on the overall compliance state

  • Expertise sharing

  • Future recommendations and services to implement changes

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