Breach Avoidance Technology

Despite spending $116B on security in 2018, 3 out of 4 enterprises experienced breaches — at the rate of an average of 5 breaches per enterprise.


Enterprise attack surface continues to rapidly expand (cloud everything, IoT, BYOD and more), enterprises will have to take a fundamentally different approach to understanding and getting ahead of the volume of their potential cyber breaches.  The average enterprise has over 20 thousand assets and 8 million vulnerabilities. But not all assets and vulnerabilities are of equal importance.


At the same time shortage of resources and budget adds to complexity, organizations are struggling to understand where to spend their limited resources and which projects reduce security risk and provide the best ROI.


To address these ubiquitous challenges, Abira Security has been helping enterprises to predict, proactively mitigate cyber breaches and help prioritize projects based on real risk reduction and ROI.

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